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Land located in Western Pomerania - Szczecin, 2340sqm
Type of real-estate
construction land
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General information:
Land area 2 340 m2 Offer type for sale Access to the land by asphalt road Shape of the land rectangle, dimensions: 57m x 40m Form of ownership mortgage property
Great bargain! The subject of sale is the land located in Western Pomerania province, Ko?baskowo commune, Przec?aw of the area of approx. 2340 m2.
Description of the property: Shape of the land is close to elongated rectangle. The land is excluded from an agricultural use. Surface of the land is level and flat, partially hardened by concrete slabs. There are utilities located by the road next to the land: water and sewerage network, gas system, power line (the capacity circa 30 kW) and communications network. The land has an access to a public road. There are National Road No. 13 and A6 Motorway (Gda?sk - Berlin) in the vicinity of the land. The present plot ratio is approximately 60%.There is a single-storey, no attic detached building with the width of 78.39m and the length of 15.78 m, with simple shape of building and partial basement. It requires a major renovation. Demolition of the building is the other option. There is a building for conducting the low environmental impact business activities planned on the land. The owner has a project for construction the production and warehouse building with an office and employee facilities, with an area up to 670m2 and the necessary technical infrastructure. The exemplary production and warehouse building's part could be an open-space room with a length of approx. 20m and a height up to 8m. Area of the facilities is approx. 150m2. In addition to the building, there is construction of access routes to the goods entrances, store place and car parks planned on the land. There are planned two entrances to the land. The balance: 670m2 - the building area, 1200m2 - the hardened area, 470m2 - the green area - lawn. The neighbouring lands are built with the similar facilities.
The owner has also a conceptual design for reconstruction of the existing building into a fully mechanical service of trucks, truck tractors and other ones. In this design it is proposed, among other things, to conduct the demolition of about 40% of the building, so as to obtain a large manoeuvre area and car park. The building after modernization - with a total area of: 766 m2, a width of 44.5m and a length of 15.78m.
Description of location: Przec?aw is a large and fast-growing village next to the city of Szczecin. It does not have the typical agricultural character. In the northern part develops a multi-family housing, in the southern part - closer to the Motorway - there are located commercial areas, on which the production facilities are built, e.g.: Roofex, Elbaco Sp. z o.o., Stena Recycling Sp.z o.o., Durable Sp.z o.o. and DHL and UPS logistic centres. In the vicinity of the area there are also located trucks service and maintenance facilities as well as inspection station of these vehicles. The village is situated in the south-west of the administrative boundaries of the city of Szczecin, neighbouring the Gumie?ce housing estate. ?The land/property is situated directly on the National Road No. 13, the Szczecin - Ko?baskowo and is located 4.5 km from the exit of the A6 Motorway, which is a traffic route Gda?sk - Berlin. The A6 Motorway directs to the E65 route, which is located 13 km from the property. ?Estimated time of travel: Przec?aw - Berlin: 1 h 20 min. Przec?aw - Gorzˇw: 55 min.
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